Your purchase of a SARS-CoV-2 PCR TEST is subject to the below advice, terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before placing your order. 

If you are purchasing a test for the purposes of travelling, requirements from local authorities may vary weekly or even daily, and there is significant confusion at borders about this. It is critical that you check both with the destination authority and your airline to ensure you give us the exact requirements applicable to your trip, and we will base our planning on the requirements you provide us, which we will re-check with you during your appointment. The requirements can be a specific number of hours from the time of a) the sample or b) the test result until the a) departure or b) arrival. Sometimes the destination also requires more specific documents e.g. ‘RT Assay Test’ or a ‘Fit to Fly’ Medical Certification. Due to the daily variations and volume of enquiries, we are unable to verify this on your behalf, although we will endeavour to share our best knowledge, which should not be construed as advice.

If you are sending your sample directly to the Laboratory, you must ensure your sample date and time meets your testing window and reaches the Laboratory at the correct time. If unsure, you should ask us. If your timescales are specific, we recommend you use the post office’s tracked next day recorded delivery service or a courier service  to have better control over this.Where we post the sample we are not liable for any costs due to  any delayed or lost samples. Samples arriving outside the correct window may lead to delays or incorrect timing of the test certificate. By confirming your order you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to check travel requirements carefullyas under no circumstance Walton pharmacy will be responsible for missed flights or any losses incurred in connection with testing, including in the event of a positive or unclear result.  

Due to the specialised Covid-19 preparation required, appointments for sample collections in Walton Pharmacy require 48h for cancellations or changes. If you miss your appointment or cancel/change outside this window, you will be required to book another visit and the same fees will apply. Occasionally it may be possible to re-arrange the time, so if you believe you are likely to be delayed, please contact us at the earliest opportunity by phone, not email.

Please note we are not able to admit patients any earlier than the correct appointment time booked, to minimise patients’ exposure to clinical environments. If you plan to arrive earlier, there are surrounding coffee shop meters away for your convenience. We do not test symptomatic patients in Clinic, therefore if you develop symptoms on the day of your appointment please call us at the earliest opportunity so we can arrange an alternative method of testing for you. All patients will be triaged and have temperature taken prior to entry in the Clinic. We apologise in advance for our strict measures as we aim to protect all patients and staff in the best possible way.

Once released from our Pharmacy team, your test reference is logged with the Lab and assigned to your patient ID. Whether to be shipped to you or for collection/sampling in Clinic, your test kit cannot be returned and is therefore non-returnable or refundable under any circumstances due to the nature of the product, as we cannot re-use it. In the event of your requirements changing due to any circumstances, we will cancel your appointment and any couriers or shipping and refund you this portion of your purchase. The kit can be sent to you by 2nd class post or stored safely in Clinic for a future occasion. If receiving at home, we recommend you store your kit safely at room temperature, for use within the date on the dox. If this is the case, please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we will organise the change for you. Please note once your sample is collected in Clinic and sent to the Lab the full charges are non-refundable.

If you have purchased a ‘test to release’ (test to abbreviate quarantine or T2R), the legislation around this is still uncertain. Applications from clinics may take weeks for PHE to assess, and although
the tests are sold on a non- refundable basis, in the event that approvals under the new legislation are delayed and you are unable to use your T2R test result certificate for that reason, we will provide you a second test for use anytime within 6 months for any purpose, free of charge.

Results are given by means of an official Laboratory report uploaded to your secure patient portal at the earliest opportunity. Regrettably, the Clinic cannot disclose results of any patient to a 3rd party (including relatives) other than a consenting adult. If travelling and using a home kit, please make sure your sample is labelled correctly with the name as shown in your passport including all middle names and correct date of birth.

The Clinic does not accept orders which, to the best of our knowledge, cannot be fulfilled timely, and we will always do our utmost best to understand, document and meet your required timescales. However, in certain cases, we may take your order and advise you of the risk. Regrettably, we are unable to guarenteethe postal service or the exact day/time of testing as these are outside our control and depend on volumes at post offices and Laboratories at the time of posting/testing.

As with any other tests, a small percentage of samples can be inconclusive for reasons including insufficient DNA match, not following instructions strictly, contamination of the sample, insufficient material, presence of blood or inadequate storage. Whether you have taken your own sample or we have taken it for you, in the unlikely event that this happens, you understand and agree that you will need to re-take the test and the same charges will apply. Laboratories across the country are overloaded with travel testing requirements, so it is advisable to test at the earliest opportunity within your allowable window. Sometimes we may suggest a courier service to be used to minimise risk, and if this is the case, we will advise you of the cost/benefit for this so you can make an informed decision.

By purchasing this test, you acknowledge and agree to the terms above and that the Clinic cannot be held liable for any losses or delays due to the many factors involved which are outside our control. Your purchase constitutes formal consent for the Clinic to share your details with the Laboratory assigned to your test. international arrivals to England who have been in a red-list country in the 10 days prior to their arrival cannot opt-in to Test to Release. Please stay safe and, if travelling, have a safe journey!